Cerave Lotion : Ingredients, Benefits, Regime, Effects.

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When the researchers in United States partnered with the dermatologists to develop a range of products that help repair and restore the damaged skin they came up with Cerave products. One of the Cerave products is their lotion. Cerave lotion has become a necessity for most of the women these days due to its restoring properties.

About Cerave Lotion: The Cerave lotion is formulated in such a way that it helps to restore the damaged skin. The skin with time repairs itself and its ability to attract and hold moisture within itself is increased. This leaves your skin well hydrated and glowing all day long. The ingredients of the lotion infiltrate deep down the outer most layer of the epidermis, stratum corneum, and keep it intact so that the moisture is retained.

cerave lotionKey Ingredients: The key ingredients of the lotion are ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Ceramides help to keep the cells of the top layer of the skin intact. It acts like glue to keep the cells in place unharmed and in turn helps the skin to retain moisture. As you grow older the natural ceramides of the skin are lost, so much so that by the time you reach the age of fifty seven – fifty eight the upper layer becomes almost 30% thinner. This is the reason you need lotions or creams containing ceramides to help the skin balance the ceramides loss. Cerave lotion acts as one such healer and is best suited for making up for the ceramides loss.

The second most important ingredient of the cerave moisturizing lotion is the hyaluronic acid. Initially, it was used as a treatment for lines and wrinkles that had to be injected into the skin; now hyaluronic acid is available in the market in the form of creams and lotions. Hyaluronic acid is found in the entire body and helps in sustaining the cells; its function is to transport the nutrients to the cell. It can absorb water more than thousand times of its weight in water. The layer beneath the epidermis of the skin is like a sponge, hyaluronic acid sits in the open spaces and helps hydrate the skin from deep within. This is how hyaluronic acid helps in giving the skin a much younger and toned appearance.

Use of Patented MVE Delivery technology: Cerave uses its distinctive patented technology of MVE delivery (multivesicular emulsion). The ordinary lotions and creams release their ingredients instantly, as soon as they are applied on the skin. Cerave Lotion through MVE delivery technology works better than these ordinary products. The lotion when applied to the skin does not discharge its ingredients all at once; instead the ingredients are released in a controlled way over a period of time. This ensures that the ingredients percolate deep down into the skin throughout the day and keep the moisture locked.

clear skinBenefits of Cerave Lotion: The Cerave lotion apart from helping to repair, restore and restructure the epidermis, is fragrance free and light weight. Suggested for normal to dry skin the lotion does not lead to skin irritation after you have applied it. It helps in refurbishing the skin barrier and is non comedogenic, that is, it does not block your skin pores and reduces the chances of pimples and blackheads on your skin.

The lotion is easy to spread and is almost instantly absorbed by the skin. Due to its instant absorbing quality the lotion does not make you feel greasy. It is best suited for the entire body but can be used easily on your face too. You have to apply it on the whole body as the daily skin care regime for best results, along with your prescribed medicines. We recommend you consult your dermatologist too before starting to use Cerave Lotion.

Daily regime to be followed: For best results you need to cleanse your skin twice in a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Apply the lotion to your body and face after taking a shower. You can reapply as per your requirement or as suggested by your physician or dermatologist.

Probable side effects: Use of Cerave lotion can cause swollen and red eyes initially, but they will reduce with time. In severe cases the lotion can cause difficulty in breathing, swelling on your face, lips, tongue and throat. If all this persists and are accompanied with stinging, burning, redness in the areas where cerave lotion has been applied we recommend you stop the use of the product immediately and seek help from your dermatologist. It is not necessary that you will have side effects if you use cerave lotion; the symptoms vary with each skin type. One may have very minor symptoms like a temporary rash or redness and some may not have any side effects at all.